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We are pleased to introduce our new social network project TUQ. Our team of enthusiasts is working on new and better communication tools. Let’s find out what features you will get.

About the first version:

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I think we should take a fresh look at social media:

—We have great respect for the privacy of our users and use asymmetric encryption;
— We are perfect for corporate communication between students or companies;
— We have endowed our product with unique features that will make it possible to enjoy time in communication.

Shortly about the benefits:

One of our missions is to bring people around the world together to communicate without language barriers. That is why we have integrated an optimized translator into messages, settings, and even memes.

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You will be able to bring up important records so that your friends can see them for sure.

Comfortable conditions are required to unite. Group chats and dialogues are endowed with special functionality. You can pin up to three messages, customize your user interface, translate voice messages to text, and more.

Do you want to build a community of interests? Build your hub and customize your own activity rewards and paid subscriptions.

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A monthly subscription to the hub and its benefits. (This is a beta type of hubs, the new format is planned to be implemented later).

Users will be able to earn Tuqins for being active in your hub and receive rewards.


Create a contest to promote yourself and increase your page rank. Your post will randomly appear to an audience of 1000 people or more, depending on the amount you are playing.

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Prizes can only be money or a monthly Premium.

Paid subscriptions and partners are available to users that will unlock a ton of benefits.

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Benefits of paid subscriptions.

Our goals:

Beta testing of the main platform is planned for later 2Q 2021.
After the official release, TUQ’s blogging platform will become available to users, allowing them to write and share articles outside of TUQ.
At the end of 4Q 2021, we plan to release an important element of the B2B product — the emoji library.

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For the first time, the music section will appear on the CIS market in mid-2021. Listening to music is planned to be free and ad-free for all users.

Mobile Version

A preliminary promo video for the full version of TUQ, which is planned to be developed by the end of 2021.

About Us

We have sold over 15 pre-orders and if you want to support us and accelerate the pace of development, then it’s time to Pre-order Premium. We have collected over 1000 testers and recruited a development team. And if our entire audience shares the article with their friends and acquaintances, we can become more than one hundred thousand people, which will definitely bring our project to the top even before the release.


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